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Drag Racer v3  Drag Racer v3

I have made the fastest car on easy with only using the $50,000 you start out with and tuning it...Buy the CRX and all the lightweight Mirage parts and only the Nitrous and the Dual port, no extra bottles are needed and you cant afford it. You will have an extra $6000 or so to bet on races. With just this money you can race the first few cars for slips without spending any extra money. I was running a steady 7:24 @ 214 as seen in my screen shot and I beat the first Honda Civic for slips by 94m. I also went as far as beating every single car on the list EVEN the McLaren. Just to prove my point I turned the McLaren's difficulty up and it was running 1051HP and I still beat it (Last screenshot). Now I have over $3,000,000 and I just started the new game less than 45 min ago!  My car has 288HP and 297TQ and it kills supercars that have over 1000HP!  Hope this helps some people make some fast cars.

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