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Here are the pictures I took the day before the last day of school.  If you would like me to email you some of these pictures, click the check box () below the picture that you want and I will email it at my earliest inconvenience.  The pictures I email are the full size originals, so they will be large files.  The original's do NOT include the speech bubbles. If you want all of the pictures sent to you, tell me in the comments box at the bottom of the page. I will send the pictures as soon as I can.

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I don't think anyone can be any shorter...


She was getting annoyed :D

Bright light in Mason's eyes

He is a strange creature

Bright light again

Mr. R. playing David S. poker for Paperclips, Pens, and Binder Clips

He didn't win much...

This is the kid that walked into the pool door face first...

David was bringing home the goods

Need I say more?

He had that song stuck in his head all day

I called her name and took her picture

Need I say more?

And again, and again, and again

Out of money

Bright light

I called his name and took his picture

Playing cards

Almost evil




I can't remember if she was standing on a chair or not...

Took her long enough

The chalk mural by Jess and Ethan

I called his name and took his picture

The ironic thing is he wrote that on the board...

He can't get enough of that song...or the prison b!tch song

He could only hope

I called her name and took her picture

Need I say more?

She really doesn't look surprised

Why not?

Bright bright bright



Yes you are

What a dork...that's right...I called him a whales penis!  What are you going to do about it?

Fun for all...

Need I say more?

Unsuccessful since 1995

Good question

Finally a picture with her smiling normally

Do it do it do it

I knew she would

He looks terrified


His response later...


I took this picture just as Gant was being tackled (Notice the hand)

I think he was flirting

Call him...but you'll have to ask him for his number

She is a beast


15!!! He looks unsure...maybe he was thinking higher?


I think he likes it too


Must be...

Steindl is just a player today

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

The creepy Steindlmeister

Oooooooh yeah...

He was day dreaming

With or without barbecue sauce?


Hmm...good question...

There you go Hinkle

Isn't that the truth

Need I say more?

I don't know, go check




This Picture made me late for class...

Need I say more?

She wanted to use her Kung Furati moves on me

OOOOOO not the Fu!!!

Uh ooooh

Crazy kid falls on crazy lady with a crazy knife that is cutting a crazy ice cream cake

I yelled her name and took this picture

Words of wisdom by the bathroom stall gods

You can say that again

I yelled his name and took his picture during a movie

She is possessed (All Pictures were taken on 6/6/6)

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

Yes you are Barkman

Calm down Hillary

Matt Sigfried getting punched by Matt Steindl


This looks crazy

He would have died if I would have taken another second to take the picture

Kind of creepy if you ask me

This was all Swope's idea...but the funny thing was Matt didn't hesitate

Big Italian guy (Mamamia his name is Macri) VS. Big German (Seig Heil Steindl) is in the air

I yelled FIRE and this was her expression

Steindl looks like someone...I don't know who though...

Maybe it is...

Guess what? It did

I yelled his name and took his picture

You should cut back on those...they are starting to get to you


I yelled her name and took her picture

Last but not least...

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